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Heart to Skin ~ My Sweetest LOVE YOUR SKIN Tips

It's February and sweet love is in the air more than usual it seems. Everywhere we go there are decorations with hearts, chocolates, balloons, fresh flowers, and entire rows of stores devoted with Valentine card selections! That is not a bad thing. Imagine if hearts and fresh flowers adorned shops and public places all year long....might be kind of nice!
Love is fun to celebrate and it's not just the "romantic" kind of love that is celebrated these days. Valentine's Day is a celebration of the heart, and the love we share with family, friends, and OURSELVES. The latest buzz word phrase everywhere lately is finding your "self-love", right? You've heard it! So, embrace it, find what makes your heart happy inside and out, and take a peek into my favorite skincare tips that connect the HEART TO SKIN. Treating the skin to health and love is a great way to soften and nurture the tender heart. I hope you enjoy!

My Sweetest LOVE YOUR SKIN tips
#1 SMILE. If …

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