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3 Self Care Rituals You Should Try Today

When I was a teacher I used to talk with my students about filling our buckets. Giving compliments, being kind, helping others, things like that....with a visual of their name labelled on buckets hanging from the wall. Reflecting on self care, I have come to the conclusion that are "buckets" aren't that deep, and even small acts of kindness can overflow someone's bucket, including our own. By engaging in self-care acts, we fill our own bucket. When our bucket is filled with positive thoughts, a good night's sleep, healthy food, exercise, fresh air, and other self-care rituals, we can pass along that radiance into someone else's bucket that might be empty.  I like to try and pass along as many self-care rituals as possible, specifically ones that involve taking care of our skin. When we transform our thinking of skincare from being a rushed, necessary process into a soft moment in time to show our spiritual being that we care, a special awakening can occur in…

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