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5 Helpful Strategies to Effectively Manage Stress Levels

Over Christmas break when my kids were out of school for two weeks, we sat down to watch one of their favorite Netflix shows where these really strong-looking men and women compete by lifting really heavy things and jumping really far distances over water. I had never seen an episode before, and don't watch much TV, but.... my girls just love this show so I had to see what the fuss was! As we're watching, we are hearing stories of the athletes who are competing and a little bit about their backgrounds. One of them was a doctor from India, who became passionate for exercise to "manage stress levels from work." Wow! What a brilliant statement! If I was in need of a doctor for a serious condition, I would choose this guy! Connecting the fact that there will always be stress, but it needs to be managed in healthy ways is just the smartest statement I have heard this year! :-) (yes it's still only January but.....)

Stress reduction has so many benefits! When we are l…

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