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Telangiectasia - Diagnosis, Treatment, and Repair

Couperose skin, (aka telangiectasia) is the dilation of capillary walls, causing them to appear larger, broken, and damaged. This skin condition occurs when walls lose their elasticity, dilate, fill with blood, and sometimes bursting. As skin matures and experiences hormonal changes, microcirculation - which involves blood being transported from heart to small arteries, capillaries, small veins, and then back to the heart - can weaken. Heredity, alcohol, smoking, sun damage, harsh cosmetics, trauma, pregnancy, and digestive problems can also contribute to permanent dilation of the capillaries.
If you experience telangiectasia, it is not too late to make some changes that can improve the appearance of skin. Good nutrition, lymphatic drainage massage, exercise, yoga, meditation are a few of my favorite ways for prevention and skin repair. Of course, a natural organic skincare line is required as well.

Here are two of my favorite Drifting by the Sea skincare treatments I  recommend to impro…

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